We recommend you another Decimal Classification, which has been studied and experienced in our movement, which is a classification of interest. We had to date a brochure For classify and index a dictionary that allowed this classification. These editions, exhausted, are being re-release, in an improved form. Meanwhile, I give newcomers a our movement, the following advice: Get 10 cases, or 10 large envelopes 21 x 27 on which you will write the headlines of our classification: 0- our work.

Our correspondence 1. – 2. The natural environment – Plants 3. – Animals 4. – other sciences 5. – 6. Agriculture and Food – Labor and Industry 7. – The city and exchanges 8. – The Company 9 . – Culture and leisure the new classification includes more G. – H. Geography – History You will fill up and to the left of the document to classify the corresponding figure, and well indexed debt will go automatically into the shirt or corresponding folder where you are sure to find it when you need it. 阅读更多